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Giving Creatives Complete Confidence In Their Ability To

Access Their Fullest



Are you worried that you'll never reach your full potential, concerned that your creative gift is being wasted, frustrated that you'll never move beyond the anxiety or mood fluctuations that interfere with your ability to passionately create?


Do you wish you had the tools and the strategies to address all these challenges with success, RIGHT NOW?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are thrilled to share our special transformational programs with you!

About Me

You are cared for here.

Hi, I’m Anne Hayes (aka Mama G), "The  Queen Of Transformational Flow", Dynamic Rapper/Songwriter, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Gifted Presenter, Magical MC, Divine Lyricist, Magical Manifestor, Creator of the Enigmatic and Engaging Workshop called: The Power Of The Word: Be the MC Of Your Own Life and the CVO of Mama G Rhymes.

It is through my own deeply transformational journey that I have been able to step into my own creative gift with more ease and joy every day! I have been able to transmute sexual trauma and trauma-based mind control, as well as SSP, ET abduction experiences that allow me to express my gift with potency and power. 

Here at Mama G Rhymes, we are committed to helping you to access your own creative potency!


The Queen Of Transformational Flow

empowering you To Commit To Your Fullest Potential

Here at Mama G Rhymes, we are pleased to offer several products and programs to empower you  to create a new lease on life!

    The Power Of The Word:

Be The MC Of Your Own Life

Mama G Rhymes Energy Sessions

A Highly Interactive, Engaging, Thought-Provoking PRESENTATION to Inspire Participants to take immediate action in creating their own happy and successful life.

Sixty-minute remote healing sessions.  A sure-fire way to  access the creative "alpha" state much more easily as a natural by-product of significant healing and transformation of the mind, body, spirit complex of a given individual. 

Make Your Life A Hot Hook! 

A 10 Week Jump Start Master Class that teaches you how to apply paradigm-shattering strategies and tools to accelerate your spiritual growth with an explosion in your creativity a guaranteed natural by-product. You will also learn how to naturally drop into your creative "alpha" state within seconds, and how to more readily tap into your creative intelligence to generate powerful solutions to any challenge you might be experiencing so that you maintain your creative flow. Most importantly, you will receive the support, the wisdom and the guidance to more successfully navigate your life as an empathic creative!

What to expect from the Make Your Life A Hot Hook Master Class:

 Accelerated Spiritual Growth

 A Stronger Connection to Your Authentic Self 

 Increased Overall Creative Flow

More Inner Peace and Harmony

 More Clarity Around Your Unique Divine Blueprint

Amplified Self-Awareness

Greater Commitment to Your Creative Pursuits

Greater Access to Already Inherent Intuitive Abilities

 MGR Rap In Positivity (RIP) Group Coaching Program

For especially  Hip Hop/Rap artists who recognize the power of their words, yet who struggle in expressing their authentic self. It is for those who desire the confidence and the courage to be a beacon of positivity and light in their message and in their music, yet aren't quite sure how to go about doing it. This program provides specific strategies and time-tested techniques to help the artist phase out all negativity in their music. The best part about this particular program is that it gives artists the flexibility of investing on a month by month basis, as needed, to adapt to the next level of their creative potency which accesses the power of love, peace and unity in a greater and greater way. Rap In Positivity is the new "Cool". This unique program guarantees to place you on the creative edge and beyond just a trend, because the days of "thug" music will naturally vibrate out of our collective reality. This program offers the support, the wisdom and the guidance to elevate the impact of your music. 

What to expect from the MGR Rap In Positivity (RIP) Program:

 Support & Accountability

Private, Safe Community 

Increased Authentic Creative Expression 

The Power Of A Collective Common Goal

A Major Transformational Shift

Increased Inspiration

And More!


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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