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This book was written for anyone who wishes to gain greater access to their fullest potential.

It's personal development with a twist as new insights are delivered with a rhythmic flair to keep  you  entertained and in flow while powerful frequencies activate the next level of personal evolution simply by holding it in your hands!

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Teenage Grace/La Gracia Del Joven is a compilation of 20 one-page meditations written specifically with the teenage spirit in mind, but which is also appropriate for adults of any age. Each meditation has a theme as a manner in which the listener can focus and learn to develop his/her  ability to calm his/her own mind. These have been translated into Spanish as a way to access an increasing Latino population , especially in our juvenile correction system.

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Hip Hop Flavored Affirmations was created for anyone who loves a fun flow in affirming their best life as their best self. In fact, there is  likely an affirmation that speaks to most everyone on any given day as this book covers virtues anywhere from gratitude and self-love to uniqueness and vulnerability in a delightful Hip Hop poetic flow. It is this flow, along with the artistically crafted sequence of rhymes in each affirmation that naturally invokes the power of accelerated manifestation of stated desires. As an added bonus, the reader, and the speaker in this instance, is invited to write his/her own affirmation for each virtue shared with pages dedicated for just this purpose. The book also exudes the harmonious synergy of co-creation from Spirit, along with collective inspiration from high energy people from all walks of life. Ready to make affirming fun? 

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