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Mama G Rhymes!

Meet Anne  Hayes (aka Mama G) ,  a Dynamic Rapper/Songwriter,  #1 International Bestselling Author, Gifted Presenter, Magnetic MC, Divine Lyricist , Magical Manifestor, Quantum Energy Healer, The Creator of an Enigmatic and Engaging Workshop called: The Power Of The Word: Be The MC Of Your Own Life and the CVO of Mama G Rhymes.  She is also the creator of  highly customized online coaching programs designed to  Give Creatives Complete Confidence In The Ability To Access Their Fullest Potential, so that they can do their part in helping to heal the Collective Consciousness during this time of ascension.


 It is through her own healing journey that Anne has been able to transform the deepest pain related to sexual trauma , trauma-based mind control, and SSP/ET abduction experiences to a life of magical manifestations. In fact, it is in creating music as a way to express new awareness after each major shift in her own life that has allowed her to more fully embody this newfound wisdom.

In fact, it’s what makes her music so powerful. This embodied wisdom, along with her lyrics, her flow, tonality, delivery and intention, ALL combine to generate a potent tuning fork for others’ deep transformation.

Essentially, part of Anne's mission is to create more "tuning forks" as the most beautiful creative, collaborative project there could possibly be!!!


Her overriding mission, however,  is to completely change the landscape of the current music scene as a way to inspire, especially Teens, to create in a way that makes the World a better place.

The programs at Mama G Rhymes offer a balance of deeply transformative tools, strategies and insight along with tips to create in a synergistic way which effectively activates each client's ability to take full charge of their destiny with faithful fervor and spiritual strength. This can be likened to a Modern Day Mystery School which shares hidden knowledge and provides a safe environment for deep emotional clearing related to trauma, one's ancestral lineage, thought patterns, beliefs and habits so that each client can shine in their Soul Brilliance! 

Anne also shares inspirational messages over smooth instrumentals and has developed a surprising ability to freestyle. She has the ability to help you bring out your own creative gifts or at the very least, to enhance the expression of the creativity that is already inherent in you!


Please contact us today to learn more about our unique program offerings,  to ask about our compelling keynote speeches or to create EPIC music. We also welcome collaboration, joint ventures, and sponsorships for our program participants AND our music.

Some quick facts about Anne Hayes (aka Mama G):

*She receives telepathic messages from a teenage boy she once taught in the juvenile correction system. She credits him with helping her to write powerfully inspirational messages over chill rap/trap beats.

*She free styles.

*She speaks 4 languages.

*She currently resides in Sicily.
*She has 2 young adult children who both possess unique creative gifts of their own.

*She has been initiated into Lighterian Reiki and is a Reiki Master Trainer.

*She has a Master's Degree in Bilingual Special Education (Behavorial/Learning Challenges) Spanish

*She loves to travel, meet new people and listen and dance to live music.

Words Of Appreciation
See what others have to say about Anne

thumbnail_Mery N Dominguez Profile.jpg

Mery N. Domínguez, ED.S.

Parent Engagement Expert, Emotional Wellness Coach

"Anne Hayes is a dynamic human being with a genuine heart to serve and change the lives of teenagers. Her experience as an educator is evident as she dominates the room with her wisdom, energy and enthusiasm. Anne's creative ways are captivating to any audience. I learned this when I randomly asked Anne to share a few words at a parent training that I was hosting. Participants were mesmerized by the lyrics in her impromptu rap, all about what was being presented that day. I highly recommend Anne Hayes, AKA Mama G. If you are ready for your tough audience to experience a powerful, unique and meaningful presentation that is surely to be memorable."

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