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Music That Transforms

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Our Story

It all started in a small suburb just north of Boston, MA, USA where Mama G (Anne Hayes) experienced the influence of jazz and Motown favorites in her home while growing up. She used to dance and sing to well-known artists/groups at the time such as Dionne Warwick, Marvin Gaye, The O'Jays and The Manhattans. Overall, she  was a very creative child who loved to draw, write stories, and even taught herself how to play a small table organ as a teen. She also wrote poems and made up silly dances.

She expressed apsirations to become an entertainer, a dancer and an actress.
She even had a stint with the middle school band, yet quit when, due to a lack of financial resources at the time, she had to settle for a loaner instrument, a French Horn (she had wanted to play the sax).

Following the traditional route of going to college and getting a "real" job, her creative gifts took a back seat for most of her life, although she definitely incorporated her theatrical side into her 20 year teaching career.

It wasn't until she experienced a series of tower moments while her children were still young that her creative side began to more fully express itself again.
 As she began to heal from these tower moments and finally began to deal with childhood sexual trauma, her Hip Hop poetry quickly turned into deeply meaningful lyrics delivered over a variety of Hip Hop/Rap instrumentals. 

It was at this time that a teen (of a darker hue) who she once taught in the juvenile correction system came to her in a vision late one night. She was startled and yet delighted to experience their telepathic communication. It was a carthartic event as they both sobbed uncontrollably related to their own individual emotional pain.

Everett Barnes then proceeded to tell Mama G exactly what her purpose was on the planet and why it had to be her. He told her she needed to help
make " body bags on ghetto streets" a thing of the past, and that he would be with her every step of the way.

That same night, they wrote their first song together. From there, they would continue to co-create several more, and are still going strong.  

Mama G then learned how to free style, attended weekly open mics, weekend ciphers and learned to compose catchy 4-bar rap verses as a way to develop her craft and her confidence in fulfilling her mission on the planet.

The mission: To completely change the landscape of the current music scene as a way to encourage, especially teens and young adults, to create in a way that makes the World a better place.

The real mama G experience involves a DJ, a live audience and a hot mic. In the meantime, to get a taste of her deeply transformative flow, the depth of her lyricism and the uniqueness of her delivery, click on this Link. Enjoy!


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