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KH Active Assistane Call
Mama G Rhymes Presents:
The Power of The Word:
BE The MC Of Your Own Life

About This Unique Service

This highly interactive, thought-provoking presentation is a complete game changer. Anne, better known as Mama G, is magnetic in her ability to fully engage the audience as she methodically infuses a genuine Hip Hop Flavor And Free Flow Fun while sharing deep esoteric science as it relates to Universal Principles. The intention is to inspire participants to take immediate action in applying specific strategies and knowledge shared in the presentation to dramatically transform their own lives in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Following Results Are Typical:

1. Increased Confidence In The Ability to Create One’s Own Happy and Successful Life

2. Taking 100% Responsibility For One’s Life

3. A Dramatic Positively Polarized Paradigm Shift


Other natural by-products with more immediate results!

4. Improved Emotional Regulation

5. Elevated Self-Awareness

6. Improved Relationships

7. Increased Confidence

8. Ability To Access Vital Coping Skills When Necessary

9. A Leveling Up In Making More Life-Affirming Decisions More Often

10. Improved Ability in Managing And Resolving Conflict


Please contact us today to have Anne/Mama G present at your school, company or organization!

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