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KH Energy Sessions
Energy Sessions
About This Investment

This MGR investment is a powerful  60-minute remote healing session that accesses the quantum field where Divine Cosmic Consciousness (God of the Most High) energetically reconfigures your electromagnetic field and all related divine templates so that you can more effectively tap into the true essence of who you are. This is done through the power of intention. As a facilitator of your own ability to heal yourself, I serve as a willing, clear, loving vessel of this energy in service to Our Supreme Creator and to the overall well-being of those seeking to realign to their Divine Bluepriint. This is a powerful way to accelerate significant healing and transformation. which lends itself to more creative potency. By the way, you can thank your Soul for bringing you here. Your Soul's time for that efficient, effective upgrade! (*Sessions take place via ZOOM and are recorded.)

Before (yes!), during and after any energy session, you will likely feel fatigued with low energy.  This is completely natural as you integrate the upgrade to your mind, body and spirit! In essence, you are purging toxic thoughts and trapped emotions. This can be likened to blowing on a dust-covered diamond that may kick up some unpleasantness before it settles elsewhere to reveal a sparkling vibrancy! (Think about it, even your apps and your devices need a little time for those updates!).

After this fatigue subsides, you will most likely experience increased energy, more mental clarity, greater self-awareness, and a renewed outlook on life! You will feel happier, lighter and more focused on what you desire from life! You are likely to experience unexpected "a-ha" moments days, weeks, even months later. Delight in all of it! It is truly for your benefit as you continue on the path of beautiful self-rediscovery as a Powerful and  Perfect Divine Being!

What To Expect From This Investment
Your Investment

At Mama G Rhymes, we believe a better life is right around the corner, so we offer our services at a price that is  just  right for you, so that you can get a head start on a more fulfilling life. We don't subscribe to the mainstream marketing gimmicks to try to trick you into paying more. We also like to be right up front regarding the fair value exchange (Hence, the investment listed below). There's no guesswork.  If you're here, you already recognize the value in our services aligned with integrity and pure intention. Schedule your session today to receive the life-changing benefits of the power of Quantum Healing.


Once you have booked your session, you will be sent a payment link.

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